Given INCTR's long term commitment to cancer education, control, treatment and research, primarily in developing countries, INCTR is the lead affiliate organization of Open Education Resources for Cancer (OERC),

The purpose of OERC is to create and make available to developing countries (at no cost to the user) a central access point for knowledge sharing in the realm of education for cancer control, diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention.

OERC.MERLOT.ORG (link: (Link: http://oerc.merlot.org) was launched in July, 2009, via a relationship with MERLOT, (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching) of the California State University System. This web-based repository aims to provide open, web-based access to cancer educational materials contributed by leading cancer researchers, organizations, institutes and universities from all over the world.

For more information: gro.lanoitanretni-creo|ofni#gro.lanoitanretni-creo|ofni

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