August News

New Pathology Program

INCTR, with the support of the NCI Office of AIDS Malignancies is working to establish improved pathological diagnosis in the context of its African study of HIV+ and HIV- Burkitt lymphoma in equatorial Africa. The goal is central pathology review related to the clinical studies.

As a part of this process a team of 5 pathologists visited several participating centers to assess available resources and to review cases previously diagnosed. Some cases that were not diagnosable in the absence of modern reagents will be studied in the laboratories of the participating pathologists and the results of this process will be discussed at a workshop to take place early next year – a workshop that should have considerable educational value. In addition, a telepathology program built on iPATH, a web-based application developed at the University of Basel, will be introduced with the objective of using this for review, consultation and education (continuing and post-graduate).

Palliative care handbook

INCTR’s Palliative Care Handbook is now available in hard copy.

The Handbook has been translated into Turkish and will be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French.

It is also accessible for free via a "wiki" website. According to Wikipedia, the world largest wiki site, "a Wiki ([ˈwiː.kiː] <wee-kee> or [ˈwɪ.kiː] <wick-ey>) is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change most content very quickly and easily". This is why INCTR has already created several wiki websites, that can be found in the Links section of the INCTR web portal.


* To buy a hard copy of the Palliative Care Handbook: []

* To access the Palliative Care Handbook Wiki site for free: []


New INCTR staff members

The INCTR Brussels office in Brussels has just welcomed two new staff members: Martin Whelan, Clinical Data Manager, and Julie Estal, who works as a Liaison Officer. This new position has been created to help maintain good communications between the various INCTR Branches and Offices, the Brussels office, as well as all the INCTR volunteers and partners worldwide.

The arrival of these two enthusiastic young people shows INCTR strong desire to foster information sharing, as well as to develop joint approaches and added value in the field of public outreach, especially in schools and universities in the various countries where the Network works.
You will certainly hear more from Martin and Julie in the coming months.

Collaboration with MKI

INCTR is developing a relationship with the Medical Knowledge Institute, based in Rotterdam and working primarily in the field of AIDS in South Africa (e.g., the prevention of mother-to-child transmission and the establishment of information centers.

Dr Harold Robles, President of MKI will visit Tanzania in August to explore with our Tanzanian collaborators (and Branch) the possibility of expanding to East Africa a successful joint venture between MKI and a workshop in South Africa where a special range of jewelry known as YOELL is made for sale in European stores. The proceeds are used both to empower the women who make the jewelry, while also supporting ongoing MKI projects.

For more information : []

New Online Portal for Cancer Researchers

The UK National Cancer Research Institute's ONIX system (ONcology Information eXchange) is now available for use by the cancer research community. ONIX (ONcology Information eXchange) enables scientists and clinicians to search through and access international research data held online – to improve the flow of cancer research information between individuals, institutions and organisations.

ONIX is a free-to-use system that provides researchers and clinicians with the ability to simultaneously search across multiple cancer-related research databases and filter and download the results. The system also includes a thesaurus to aid in searching and a Resource Catalogue. ONIX can be found at:

ONIX will be further refined - driven by user feedback - until at least March 2010.

For more information about ONIX visit [].

INCTR Membership

INCTR is acknowledged for its expertise in cancer control and cancer research in developing countries and in this respect works, on the one hand, with institutions (hospitals and cancer centers), and sometimes governments in developing countries and with a broad range of governmental (e.g., WHO and IAEA) and non-governmental organizations on the other. INCTR is also strongly committed to the Open Educational movement and makes much of the material presented at its meetings as well as publications.

INCTR’s mission is to help improve the resources available for cancer early detection and treatment in developing countries, with a major focus on educational and training programs for a broad range of health professionals, especially with respect to cancer in women and children.

If it is to be successful, INCTR will need to secure the assistance and participation of a broad range of corporations, institutions and individuals throughout the world. It does this through its Associate membership program, which includes corporations, institutions and individuals. Our individual members are selected because of their willingness to help the INCTR; financially, of course, through the membership fee, since we must fund our programs and projects, but we would also like to think of our Associate Members as a resource, one that we can call upon for advice or participation in our programs, directly or indirectly. Members come from all walks of life, and although some may be health professionals, others may be patient advocates or members of the public who simply believe in the cause. If you decide to become a member, you will receive NETWORK, the INCTR newsletter free of charge.

To become an INCTR Associate Member and receive NETWORK - our Newsletter-, you can download INCTR Membership form at:


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INCTR can now be found on Facebook. To help us increase INCTR visibility on social networks websites, you can leave your comments on the Palliative Care Handbook Facebook group wall, and recruit more members to join INCTR current cause on Facebook. Thank you!


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