The prevention of cancer through avoidance of environmental risk factors either through behavioural changes (e.g., not smoking) or protective measures (e.g., sunscreen, vaccines).
Early Detection
The diagnosis of cancer at an early stage in its evolution, i.e., when still limited in extent, generally categorized as stage I or II.
The confirmation, in most cases through examination of a sample of cancer tissue through a biopsy, that this is a cancer of a specific type and subtype.
The management of the cancer through specific treatment, including one or more of the primary treatment modalities - surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy (with or without hormonal therapy and/ortargeted therapy).
Palliative Care
The control of symptoms in patients with life threatening diseases. Palliative care includes, but is not limited to care of the terminally ill.
The collection of data in order to confirm a hypothesis or "answer a question" such that evidence
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